We are entering the 2nd half of 2023 and anticipate very exiting news from our clinical trials and further commercialisation process in both the US market and later Europe. We also recently released encouraging Q2 results.

Q2-2023 report is out

Comment from the CEO: “During the second quarter of 2023 we were extremely pleased to enter a US partnership with Ventis Pharma to secure the future development and commercialisation of CT001 in the important and large US market. This transformational deal is part of our commercial strategy to leverage the value of our products in different geographical areas and ensure our much-needed solution for pain management in children experiencing acute pain, can reach the patients who need it. At the same time, we continued to build momentum in our clinical development activities, submitting a clinical trial application for our 0202 study. We also look forward to completing patient recruitment in the coming months in our pivotal study with 0205.” says Jes Trygved, CEO

US business update

During August we secured a loan facility agreement which gives us more financial flexibility during the next 18 months, as we ramp up efforts to launch CT001 in the important US market and where we expect to begin generating revenues already in 2024.
Cessatech is currently finalizing the tech-transfer to support US-based process validation and production of initial commercial batches of CT001. Ongoing supply chain activities are focused on ensuring robust and reliable supply to meet forecasted US demand.

Pipeline update

During 2023 we will give more updated on the remaining clinical trials and our accomplicements...
New findings supporting CT001
Based on new findings in a 2023 meta-analysis by Fjendbo Galili et al., which supports the previous 2016 meta-analysis by Michelet et al., there is now further evidence to support combining low doses of ketamine and opioids, such as sufentanil, in an intranasal spray for acute pain management.

In summary, the accumulating evidence confirms ketamine's utility as a low-dose adjuvant to opioids like sufentanil for acute pain when given intranasally. The updated 2023 meta-analysis provides further support that this combination can improve pain relief and reduce opioid requirements without increasing adverse effects. Additional randomized controlled trials are still needed to confirm the optimal intranasal ketamine-sufentanil doses, stay tuned for updates on Cessatech’s pipeline.

Financials including Q2 results

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Studies show that off label use of medication is the rule rather than the exception and that 79% of the emergency rooms in Scandinavia use physical restraint on children.
Cessatech aims to meet that need – and the first product and lead asset, CT001, is a nasal spray for children aged 1-17 years that experience acute pain or pain related to medical procedures.
Drugs that are developed by Cessatech should be proven effective in adults and represent a medical unmet need in children where a good effect can be documented. Thus offering economic value creation by identifying and developing drugs with a short time to market and risk-reduced profile.