Rethinking child treatments

About Cessatech and Our Methods

Business Model

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Cessatech’s business model offers unique, scalable economic value creation by identifying and developing drugs with a short time to market and risk-reduced profile. The drugs that are developed by Cessatech should be proven effective in adults and represent a medical unmet need in children where a focused development plan can be applied for documenting good effect in children

From Rigshospitalet


Cessatech is a spinout project from Rigshospitalet, a project lead by experts within paediatric anaesthesia and pain treatment, who recognized a need for fast-acting and easy to use needle-free pain treatment for children. Children, like adults, have a right to the highest attainable standard of health, but continue to be under-represented in medication research, as well as drug development What started with co-founder Bettina Nygaard Nielsen’s PhD dissertation from 4 years of research, supervised by co-founder Steen Henneberg, has today developed into a company focusing on the improvement of paediatric care, specialized in the development of innovative pharmaceuticals in age-appropriate formulations intended for use in children.

Leadership Team

Jes Trygved

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Malene Cording

Head of Clinical Development & Operations

Martin Juhl

Chief Scientific Officer - Head of CMC & Device Development & Operations

Louise Bak

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Mai Brigsted Gregersen

Head of Quality Assurance

Board of Directors

Rachel Curtis Gravesen

Board Member since 2022 - Current position: Board member & consultant

Martin Olin (Chairman)

Board Member since 2020 - Current position: CEO BerGenBio

Flemming Steen Jensen

Board Member since 2020 - Current position: Senior Vice President, Ascendis Pharma A/S

Charlotte Videbæk, MD

Board Member since 2020 - Current position: Board member & entrepreneur

Peter Birk

Board Member since 2020 - Current position: Partner, Accelerace Management A/S


Bettina Nygaard Nielsen

Advisor - Clinical pharmacist, researcher. Rigshospitalet

Steen Henneberg

MD & PhD in Paediatric Anaesthesiology

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