CT001 – Nasal spray acute pain

Cessatech pipeline


Cessatech’s first product and lead asset, CT001, is an analgesic non-invasive nasal spray for children aged 1-17 years that experience acute pain or pain related to medical procedures. Today’s analgesic solutions often require an intravenous access which is not always feasible or easy and can be painful. In contrast, CT001 has a fast onset and is easy to use. Its composition includes a fixed combination of the two well-known analgesics, which are already approved treatments for injection in adults. The two compounds are also used separately for analgesia but only intravenously in children. The potential advantages of the fixed combination is a faster onset of action and the avoidance of undesirable side effects such as prolonged sedation and risk of respiratory depression.

CT001 is based on more than ten years of clinical experience and has already been proven effective and safe in a clinical Phase II trial in 50 children at Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet). Almost all (94 percent) stated that they would like to receive this treatment again rather than existing alternatives (e.g., oral solutions or injections). In addition, Cessatech has delivered promising preliminary results in a retrospective study based on approx. 300 medical procedures during a five-year period in a collaborative study between Rigshospitalet and Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital. CT001 is currently finalizing the its late stage clinical program.


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