CT002 – MRI sedation

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique used to form detailed images of the anatomy and the physiological processes of the body. An MRI examination is a painless procedure, but to be of good quality it requires the child to remain still for approx. 45-90 minutes, that is to be carried out without undue concern or anxiety. Thus, sedation of the child is often necessary and sometimes also requires a general anaesthetic (a medically induced coma). A general anaesthetic is very resource demanding, why an effective and safe sedation procedure should be of preference. Cessatech will look into a new route of administration to optimize the process and provide a better non-invasive solution for children. Currently, the sedative drug is administered intravenously, but a new formulation will be investigated for intranasal administration which would provide several advantages over current clinical practice. Activation of centrally located receptors produces a sedation that mimics normal sleep and the drug also has a direct analgesic effect. It is Cessatech’s ambition to develop a standardized nasal spray formulation tested and approved for children, with a similar concept to the anesthetic nasal spray PIP plan (CT001) approved by the EMA.

Cessatech has agreed with the European Medicines Agency on a Paediatric Investigational Plan for CT002 for medical procedural sedation in children
Cessatech has not yet communicated on its timelines for initiating the development of CT002, but it will be related to the commercial partnerships

Release – announcement on CT002 PIP

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